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April 27, 2010

Elder Service Providers Network (ESPN)

“This was a refreshing and fun workshop. Jeanette did a fabulous job of reminding all of us just how good laughing can feel. Every participant left with a smile, and probably continued to laugh the rest of the day!

Patricia Hall, CIRS

Manager, Community Programs

United Way of Greater Houston

April 20, 2010

13th Annual Conference for Direct Care Workers—Building Bridges

“I had the enjoyable opportunity to participate in one of the Laughter Workshops conducted by Jeanette. It was fun, educational and a great way for participants to understand the physical, mental and social benefits of laughter. It is also a cure for those of us who take ourselves and our situations waaaaay too seriously!”

Deborah A. Moore, MBA

Division Manager

Harris County Area Agency on Aging

“Our ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ session perfectly started off a day of learning, appreciation and fun. It set the enthusiastic, positive tone that we had looked forward to as a compliment for the activities and purpose of our conference. We could hear the response as our attendees thoroughly enjoyed this unique presentation.”

Jan Edwards, LMSW

Director, Case Management Services

Sheltering Arms Senior Services

April 10, 2010

Hearing Loss of America – Houston Chapter

“We need laughter in our workplace. Laughter is for all ages. I never thought of all the physical aspects.”

MaryLynn McDonald


Houston Ear Research Foundation

“It was fun! I felt it in my chest muscles. They felt tingly.”

Teri Wathen


Hearing Loss of America/Houston Chapter

“I am feeling so much better than when I got here…I would come to another”

Carolyn P.

Houston Chapter Member

“You do it so well. You have a great laugh.”


Houston Chapter Member

December 17, 2009

Jewish Community Center/Staff Development

“Our abdominal muscles are still sore! I have always heard laughter is the best medicine, now I know another reason why.”

Gayle Rockoff

Senior Associate, Executive Director

Jewish Community Center

December 15, 2009

Telephone Road Apartments

“The seniors absolutely enjoyed the session. They said they felt so much better and had more energy after. Everyone was in a much better mood.”

Anne Davidson

Activities Manager

October 20, 2009

Direct Care Workers In-Service

"It was a pleasure to be able to provide our Direct Care workers a presentation that really allowed them to spotlight their own health and well-being. They are in an industry that is primarily focused on those whom they care for, so to be able to give them an interactive and fun learning experience about them as individuals was incredibly valuable. Laughter truly is contagious."

Elizabeth Lalonde LBSW, MS

Director - Sheltering Arms Day Center

Administrator - Sheltering Arms Home Care

October 14, 2009

Consumer Advisory Council

Care for Elders

“Laugh A Lot, Friends is right – laughter is the best medicine. This fall, Jeanette joined our group of older adults and led us through an innovative series of exercises. All along she told us the reasons and research behind her practice and by the end, we knew it was true! After our session, your body felt great and your mind relaxed, it was also a great activity to get to know others in the group. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to help a group of colleagues and friends to feel good!”

Evelyn Carlson, LMSW

Director/Access & Coordination

Care for Elders